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Donald Trump’s Co-Defendant Needs Support

Now that Donald Trump has made his list of contributions to Veterans Associations public, what does he plan to do with all of his supporters who were promised to have their legal fees paid, for any issues caused during his rallies?   On February 1, 2016, at a rally in Iowa, Donald Trump came under fire from a mysterious flyingread more

#MakingAMurderer ; Jerry Buting

Jerry Buting, former attorney for Steven Avery was interviewed on the podcast “The Docket, Making a Murderer After Show,” that interview was aired on 1/25/16. In that interview, Mr. Buting covered many aspects and opinions of his involvement in the case. One of those opinions surrounded the issue of the biased jury pool. During the interview, he addressed the pressread more

What is attorney client privilege?

Attorney client privilege is a phrase we all have heard more times than we can count. But what exactly is it and what how could it apply to your personal case?   “Attorney–client privilege is an American legal concept that protects certain communications between a client and his or her attorney and prevents the attorney from being compelled to testifyread more

Too poor to file bankruptcy

It doesn’t really make much sense when you think about it. Why does a bankruptcy attorney charge so much if he or she is already aware you are broke? I mean, you wouldn’t be sitting in their office trying to file for bankruptcy if you had extra money lying around, would you.   Yet, typically bankruptcy attorneys charge anyone fromread more

Is this right for the Texas Attorney general to do?

Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton recently did something that typically you would not want from an attorney general. He encouraged public employees to turn a blind eye and disobey a Supreme Court decision. He has encouraged and expressed to clerks of the court they can refuse to issue same sex marriage licenses citing that states can use nullification to ignoreread more


It is the time of year when the stars come out to be recognized for their brilliant acting, directing, screenwriting and overall entertaining nature in the movies. It’s Oscar season. However, one fact about both this year and last year’s nominees has many actors like Jada Pinkett Smith up in arms. There has been not one single African American nomineeread more

#MakingAMurderer ; The Ex Files

Much of the world has been captivated by the Netflix series Making a Murderer in which a story is told about a man who may have been set up by his local police department. There are several theories of why this set up occurred but as more and more people complete the 10 part series, more of the characters areread more

#MakingAMurderer ; The key

It is hard to go anywhere lately without over hearing someone talk about the Netflix series, Making A Murderer. From workplace conversations to the grocery store, everyone is talking about the case involving Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. Let’s examine one literal key to the case, the victim’s car key. **warning, spoilers involved** According to the documentary, the key wasread more

Love Wins. Can Justice Win Too?

We were happy that the Supreme Court affirmed the rights of all couples to be married last month.  Love wins is what people were saying on the internet and we agree with that.  The basic premise of the case was that same sex couples wanted to have the same chance at marriage as straight couples do. As I read aboutread more