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Moving forward despite a past that haunts me

My name is Sarah. I am 31, a single mother of three amazing children of whom are 10, 7, and 3 months. I am also a recovering Alcoholic. I would give the shirt off my back to anyone in need. Alcohol has not defined me as a person. It is a disease that I battle every day much like Parkinsonread more

Mothers fight & custody battle w/narcissist

My name is crystal, I’ve had sole custody of my kids since their births. 2014 my son is two my daughter is one their father has disowned them since birth claiming they aren’t his. Took him a year to pay support  for my son and now longer for my daughter.  He never paid any of the 16,000 in medical. Neverread more

Need help… Losing everything!

This story is about 2 people being targeted by the local Sheriff’s Department. My name is Jane and my boyfriend’s name is Jon (names withheld because of cases) We have been trying to fight this cause on our own because we do not have the funds to hire an attorney. We both had 4 felony counts filed against us (sameread more

Raise for Raelina!

Hey everyone! My name is Genna and I have a 6 year old little girl. Her name is Raelina. She is in 1st grade, she loves animals, cheese pizza, and playing at the park. She has 3 cousins she absolutely loves to play with. She has a dog named Darcy which she considers her baby. I am asking for helpread more

Help Bryant Cook raise money for wrongful sentence

Hi my name is Ariana Cook I am 23 years old and I am starting this campaign for my dad Bryant Cook. Unfortunately my father has been a victim of our prison system injustices. He was convicted on crack/cocaine charges conspiracy to distribute in 5/1997 . My dad was given a life sentence and he was not convicted with anyread more

Build a R.A.M. base in Pittsburgh!

Firstly, the revolutionary movement must vigorously direct its activities towards slavery/prison abolition and the abolition of all forms of captivity. Secondly, our long-term vision must be to abolish the state itself. The overarching scope of our struggle must focus on building abolitionist counter-power and helping people escape the plantation. While we fight to abolish prisons and the state structure, weread more

Wounded Warrior needs help with defense

My name is Staff Sergeant Haley Clover. I am active duty military soon being medically retired from the USAF. I am an OIF veteran and have served 10 honorable years in service of my country. I am an Air Force Wounded Warrior Ambassador where I travel and speak out against domestic violence and suicide. Most importantly I am a Motherread more

Help Jamie get custody of her children.

My name is Jamie i am a recovering herion addict. I have been clean now FOR over 3 years i Love my children to death like every mother does i Lost custody of my children when my twin boys were born. I got custody of my daughter back a year and a half ago but im still trying to getread more

Help bring my babies back to papa

I am the dad of 2 beautiful kids. Their mom has left with them. I have struggled for years bettering our position, yet she would be happier on welfare surrounded by people who would not be the best influence. Over time she has become more and more angry and disillusioned with me and where we are. She has been arrestedread more