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My name is Janese Scott… I want you to meet my best friend La’Von Chisley. He went to Penn State with dreams of making it in the NFL one day. He wasn’t too far from getting drafted. He was a hard worker and excellent player. He had his life ahead of him. Everything was going well until his best friendread more

Save our youth

I’m Khalia and my nearest and dearest friend Jaquel Foots is being accused of 1st degree murder. It’s  a Heinous reason as to why they are saying he did this. More like ridiculous. The courts are saying he killed a man because he wouldn’t share a blunt with him. A random stranger. That is the most ridiculous thing ever. Iread more

Disabled and loosing hope

I’m a 50 years old disabled mother of three. I have bipolar, extreme anxiety, PTSD. I’m on SSDI $899 a mth. No transportation. Equity in house gone because he and his girlfriend trashed it for the past 2 years. I can’t partition because of $100,000+ judgment lien. I live 4 hours away from my children (adults) but still my more

Everyone deserves to be heard

I’m a mother who is in need of financial help. I’m not asking for a handout. What I’m asking for is a chance to help my son receive a fair trial. This days unfortunately you are considered guilty and Must prove that your not. In our economy being able to afford a lawyer is almost impossible for anyone let aloneread more

Falsely Accused Mother

I need help to hire an attorney to get my babies back. They are trying to make me relook like an unfit mother. I NEVER have EVER been abusive to my kids. We are victims of abuse by their father. He has emotionally and financially abused me and the kids since before they were born born. Then became absent,  afterwardsread more

Help save Maliks’ freedom

As a single parent while trying to be the best mother I could, I never thought I would be fighting for my son’s freedom. I can not do this alone. I just work an 8-5 job while taking care of 2 other children and helping with my grandchild. I know God is on my side; my family, and friends haveread more

Stafford’s Antitrust Legal Funding Campaign

Furquan R. Stafford is my birth name and I am a African-American medical researcher entrepreneur in the field of human blood plasma in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve been attempting to start a blood plasma collection facility for the last 23 years that would market to African-American donors in the local community. American History documentation states that from their life contributions, African-Americanread more

Bring my Sunshine Home

I’m a single parent who has always done everything on my own until I became disabled and my finances lowered I was still making it but not enjoying it like we were I was in the medical field and I miss it terribly I enjoy more helping someone than asking for help I’m in dire need of a good attorneyread more

I deserve respect but no ones listening

Hi…in June of this year i lost my 2 children to the department of human services in Iowa. I suffer from mental illness. Anxiety..depression..and addiction. My court oppointed lawyer is useless. I need to hire a lawyer to help me. One that will fight for me. Ive done plenty of foot work to prove my case. No one listens orread more