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Police Shooting victim needs legal help!

On Jan. 13th 2017 Chè Jones was allegedly involved in an altercation with a gun. When police arrived they allege he ran, slipped in snow and was then shot by the police 3 times. The police claim all shots were frontal body however docs say shot in back!

Keep Chief Tom!

Chief Tom Lewis has been charged with criminal negligence over last year’s tragic incident. He has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation and he needs our help to fight this case so he can stay our Chief!

Justice For John Zaffino – Help Set Him Free

John Zaffino is in prison for a crime that his co-defendant was set free do to lack of evidence. John was not released and needs money to pay an attorney to get justice. His son and grandson need him to come home. His aged mother wants him to come home.

Please help Sandra get legal help

Sandra is a single mom of five who has been dealt the short stick in life too many times in life. She’s been a dedicated nurse since 1994 and patients love her. Unfortunately, she lost the job she had for 10 years and now finds herself in need of a lawyer

Please support us.

My name is Jimmy Barlow. I have been serving my country on active duty in the Coast Guard for the last 9 years. I am fighting for my life and that of my family.

Free Our Innocent Black Men

I am trying to raise funds for my husband, Bahir Howard who has been in prison serving a wrongful life sentence for almost 5 years. He is innocent and without ANY evidence whatsoever, has had to spend so many years away from me and his beloved son.

Legal Defense agents the Tyrant in the Tombs

I’m facing a 24-count criminal indictment that is politically motivated. I need your help in fighting this blatant unconstitutional abuse of power and suppression of free speech and association.

Misty’s Legal Defense fund

We need help to raise the attorney fees to defend my wife in court. The police are trying to railroad her because she dared to defy them, and instead tended to the needs of our Autistic child in the midst of a VERY chaotic situation.

Procusted for who i married

My husband is currently in prison he has been locked up almost 2 years and after we got married i started getting harassed and now they are tying. To take away my contact with my husband. I can’t t live without. My husband and he won’t. Last without me.