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Legal Crowd Funding For Police Officers – Why Is It So Hard?

Perhaps the most well known and important legal principle in the United   States is that you are innocent until proven guilty.  If you take that rule       away then there would be chaos.  We aren’t a country who hangs someone in the public square without giving them their day in court.  There are of course awful countries whoread more

Justice for Anne

It’s happened to all of us. Go to leave work after a long day, juggling everything in your hands to get your keys out and you place your phone, drink or even your purse on the top of the car while you open the door. Somewhere in the chaos, you forget that you placed it there and drive away. Thisread more

What kind of attorney do I need?

Are you unsure about a legal issue and what type of attorney to hire? Where do you even begin? When approaching any possible litigation, one of the best places to start is your local bar association. While the bar association will not be able to provide any legal advice to you for your personal situation, they will be able toread more

Why should your ability to afford a lawyer affect your legal outcome?

We try to talk to people directly and in plain English.  That’s how we want to be treated when we need someone’s help and that’ how we think you want to be treated too. In a perfect world, the person in the right would win their legal case.  But anyone who lives in reality knows that isn’t true.  There areread more

Why Funded Justice?

In 2001, I started my Illinois lawyer referral and legal guidance website with the goal of changing the way that people could find attorneys.  At the time, the internet was still in its infancy and most law firms did not have websites. The only real way to get an attorney was through the Yellow Pages, the recommendation from a friendread more