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My name is Shane hall.  I am currently incarcerated in federal prison with a life sentence.   I have one last chance for freedom if I win this appeal  and all I need is to raise some money to help finish paying legal fees.  This is the last chance at life.   I need help to raise money to retain a lawyer.  He is half paid for I just need the other half.  Any donation will be great thank you  !!! 

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Gay man wrongfully accused by homophobic cops

Hi im josh.i live in a small town & ten years ago when i was 18 police were searching my home for stolen property & came across some gay porn photos i had which were given to me by a friend who had saved them to his computer after he downloaded them from internet.the night police found the photos i was in jail because i got in a fight with my roommate who is also gay.the fight started because he was drunk & high on drugs & i told him i didnt want him doing that stuff at my house.police thought the young men in the photos “looked like minors” but they were all at least 18 and the photos were from the “twink” genre of gay porn.a “twink” is basically a thin feminine looking gay guy between ages 18-23.after the county attorney refused to prosecute me (because they had no proof that there were minors in the photos) police waited until that county attorney retired over a year later & then convinced the new county attorney to prosecute me for the photos while i was in jail for nonrelated & nonsexual charges.they still had no proof that any minors were in photos but i was still charged for court appointed attorney did nothing to defend me.he lied to me by saying prosecutor would only have to convince jury that they looked like minors.he also said if they proved they wereminors it wouldnt matter if i didnt know that.i found out after i was in prison for it that that was also a lie.the 35yo prosecutor died unexpectedly while i was in prison & his death was suspected to be drug related as they found out he was alchoholic & addicted to drugs.they caught him mishandling other cases and his law license got suspended for awhile.anyway, my attorney did nothing for me & prosecutor offered to drop 35 years worth of nonrelated & nonsexual charges if i’d plead guilty to the misdemeanor sex offense.judge refused to appoint me a new attorney when i requested it so, knowing little about the law back then, i accepted the plea deal & plead guilty & went to ive learned that my innocencce couldve been proven easily if my court appointed attorney would have actually tried to do so.( the guy who gave me the photos was charged but his charge was dropped cause county attorney forgot to file the trial info on time)i belive that at least part of their motive for accusing me of this crime was their homophobia.prior to when they found the photos i was being harrassed by a bunch of guys in town for being gay & police refused to do anything.i was harrassed by these guys & even assualted a couple times.they called me faggot & queer etc when they seen me in public.thhey once followed me in my car and yelled homophobic names at me.there were several witnesses to this but police still refused to do anything.i no longer trust court appointed attorneys after what mine did to me.and i have been diagnosed with PTSD because of what the police & justice system here did to me.i often have nightmares & at times its close to impossible to go in public cause i feel panicky sometimes when i do.i cry alot because im innocent & feel so helpless & hopeless.i need money to hire a private attorney who can get my case back in court and prove there was no minors in those photos.when police asked wether photos were mine or my gay roommate’s i immediately admitted they were mine as i knew i had nothing to hide.if there was minors in the photos i would have denied they were mine or even told them that they belonged to my roommate who had me arrested the night b4 for hitting him.( im not a violent person but he was drunk & high and mouthing off to me and being obnoxious & wouldnt leave me alone after i told him to over and over again)but i admitted they were mine.why would i admit that if there was something illegal about the photos?Anyway, thanks for reading my story & i will be extremely greatful if you would be kind enough to donate any amount you can afford.they destroyed my life and future and publicly humiliated me when it was obvious i was innocent.

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Lawyer feees for parenting plan

Hi my names Michelle . I wanted to reach out to this because basically this is my last resort . I have to pay 2,500 up front for a lawyer to represent me at mediation and to fill out all the necessary documents . I can’t go down the legal aid route again because I’ve used them for my last mediation. I honestly don’t have this kind of money and this is very cheap for a lawyer . So if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it 

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Help Bring Izabella Home!

My name is Ariel, I am the older sister of David and I am setting this crowdfunding up in order to plea for the help of the people and fight for justice for my younger brother.

David is a loving father of Izabella, lovingly nicknamed “Izzy”, who will be 2 this December. He left his wife recently due to the verbal and physical abuse she used upon him as well as the unsafe living conditions they and their child were living in. Bed Bugs and roaches were everywhere, the child was covered in bed bug bites, and the child hadn’t been to a doctor in nearly two years. He brought his daughter with him to live with our sister, Brittany, when he left in order to get Izzy the medical care and other necessities she needed.

Though David and his wife were split, he always allowed his wife and her mother to visit the child, and made it clear that once her house was in proper living order, the wife could bring Izzy to her home once again. Once the divorce was finalized, they were going to file for custody and split the time with Izzy fairly.

However, Sunday, October 15th, his wife orchestrated a kidnapping of Izabella rather than wait and utilize the proper legal methods to negotiate custody.

While visiting their child at his current residence, the wife tricked David into letting her bring over a “sick aunt who was visiting from Indiana” (who we learned through the police report is not the wife’s aunt and is not visiting from out of state) over to visit Izzy. Without invitation inside, she entered my sisters home, stole the child, and assaulted David and Brittany when the two tried to rescue the child. Two men, who were also part of the wife’s scheme, then pulled up and began to attack.

While the wife and “aunt” placed Izzy in a car, unbuckled and unrestrained with no car-seat, one man attacked David with brass knuckles and a knife while another hit Brittany. Then, the wife dragged David and Brittany with a car while they were trying to rescue the child from the unsafe conditions in the car. David now has a broken nose, lacerations, and other injuries.

David's broken nose.

Brittany was bitten by Izabella’s mother during the altercation and her finger is now infected. There’s no telling how bad the injury is at the moment but worst-case scenario, Brittany may lose her finger.


The child’s mother and her accomplices did all this in front of Izabella as well as Brittany’s children. The wife and her accomplices obviously have no care for the safety of the missing child. They drove off with Izzy unrestrained in the lap of the aunt in the front seat, which is completely unsafe for a child. They ran at least 2 stop signs as well, and almost hit our mother’s car (Izzy’s fraternal grandmother) headfirst since she was coming over to visit as well.

Currently, we have gone through all the legal processes we can, charging and reporting the wife and kidnappers. The wife was shortly jailed October 15th, and during this time her family hid Izzy from her father. Police and DCS have assisted in the search and charged people with custodial interference, but the child has yet to be found. The wife made bail the next day, and despite other orders to return the child, she continues to hide Izabella from her father, David, by bouncing the child between different people.

Despite this, we fear for our case because while she will resort to illegal measures to obtain funds, we do not have the funding to afford a lawyer. She was able to afford bond easily, so we know she has sources and cash for a lawyer. David has only just begun a new job after leaving his wife, and our family does not have the savings to help him fight for his daughter. The money from your donations will be used to pay for legal fees and to retain a lawyer for two cases: an order of protection for him and the child, and the divorce/custody for the child.

He is a loving, caring father who has devoted his life to Izabella since birth. He was a stay at home parent caring for her as well as his wife’s younger brothers for years. The moment he left his wife, he found a job in order to pay for all his daughter’s wants and needs. Listening to him and watching the videos he and my sister have taken, anyone can see in every moment how much she was cared for and loved while in his care.

Despite the fact his daughter has been missing for 3 days, David is optimistic and wants to do all he can to see his child again. All we want is for the child to come home safe and sound. Please help us make sure Izabella is in the hands of someone who cares about the happiness and safety of his child.

Thank you so much for your help!

Izabella, aunt brittany and cousinSmiling for aunt BDaddy, izzy, aunt brittany and cousin

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Brother Smelley was convicted of capital murder after spending 95% of his time awaiting trial in solitary confinement. This destroyed his life,to a certain degree, and he was incompetent to stand trial, however the judge denied his ability to pay for a mental evaluation. After 32 years in prison, Lionel has a new attorney who is appealing his case determined to receive the effective mental evaluation he was entitled to so many years ago. He has a doctor ready to evaluate him and the court has granted his evaluation, but once again has denied his motions for funds. We are trying to raise the money now for this evaluation to finally take place.There are grave injustices like this that happen every day in our courts, people are brutalized and wrongfully convicted. Many of them are forgotten once they are sent to prison, but here we have been given the rare opportunity to change his situation like this one, and here we have been given that chance! We don’t want to miss this incredible blessing because of cost- ANY amount given will be appreciated. Lionel has achieved his GED,Barber’s certificate,Father’s link certificate,he even has taught classes in Prison.He has excepted Jesus Christ has his Lord and Saviour,his desire is to teach the youth,and share with others what the Lord has done.We ask that you help by praying,and giving.Pour into his life.And help set this innocent man free.Thanks! In advance.

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I need help raising money for immigration attorne

  • Hi my name is Rodolfo Resendiz and I am 26 years old. I have 2 kids. A son and a step son who I am raising. I got married a year ago to a beautiful woman who I love with all my heart.
  • My reason for reaching out to the funded Justice people is because I am in need on a good lawyer that will help me win my case against deportation proceedings. The problem is I’m in debt because I was arrested by ice a while back not because I did something wrong that day but because when I was 18 I was arrested for a DUI. Which has been my one and only arrest. 8 years later it has resurfaced again due to the laws that have changed this year. I was detained for it again and was released on bond thanks to family and friends. But now I’m in debt. And I also need an attorney asap for my next court.
  • So I am asking you for help to raise money for an attorney. I know I may not deserve it but I hope there’s someone out there that will help me with my cause so I don’t leave behind my family and get send to a country I know little about because I was raised in this beautiful country.
  • I hope you can help me out and help me get my life back thank you and God bless.
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My name is Gail Henry, I am Heath John Henry’s mother. We are launching this campaign to raise money to pay for legal fees for my son, who is a former United States Marine and a Junior Youth Coordinator/Community Developer.

On January 2nd, 2015 my son was charged with attempted murder in the Bahamas. After going there on a work contract he was attacked by an unstable individual on a remote island. Unlike his accuser, John has no prior criminal record nor a history of violence he had a gun on him to fend off wild boars (common on these islands) and used it to defend himself from his attacker who had swung a machete at him and was about to do it again. John was convicted of attempted murder on March 23rd, 2016 and is currently serving a 15 year sentence.

We need money to pay for John’s lawyer for his Appeal and New Trial. We also need to pay for his necessary living expenses like food and water (which is very costly) to keep John alive and as healthy as possible.

John is in one of the worst prisons in the world awaiting his appeal. He is in a 10 x 20 cell with 35 other inmates. There is not enough space for the inmates to lay down to sleep. He is sleep deprived getting under 2 hours sleep a night.  Some days he is given one piece of bread as his meal for the day, unless food is bought for him. He has no access to clean drinking water unless we pay for it. His cell is overrun by rats. The whole prison is infested with rats! There is no plumbing and so  the inmates are forced to use a 15-gallon bucket as a toilet, which then sits in the cell with feces and urine in it for days, with no ventilation, until the guards remove the bucket. His blanket was infested with bed bugs and he was bitten all over his body. The conditions at that prison are filthy and inhumane.

John does not have regular access to a dentist or a doctor. It took months before he was able to see a dentist but instead of filling his tooth they extracted it. He was attacked by his cellmates and received injuries to his face, cheek and eye. The guards have threatened him many times. He is confined to his cell 23 hours and 45 minutes every day and only allowed out for 15 minutes, 4 days a week. That is one hour of sunshine per week! He is suffering psychologically and physically. It is during those 15 minutes that he calls me and other family members. He depends on people on the outside, mostly his family, for everything. John’s basic human rights are being violated. Local justice scholars are publishing stories citing the “deplorable and deadly prison conditions” at this prison.

At John’s trial there was ample evidence to prove his innocence but that evidence was not presented in court. His lawyer only showed up 2 days for a 4 day trial. The jury did not hear his side of what happened, which the evidence supports. No evidence was presented, no witnesses were called, there was no ballistics report and John was given contradictory advice from his lawyer. The trustworthiness and character of the sole witness against John, a convicted drug dealer, murderer and arsonist, who is also the alleged victim, was not questioned thoroughly by John’s lawyer, despite the fact that the entire case hinged on his accusation. John’s statement to the police asserting his innocence and explaining his version of the incident was not allowed into evidence. The police publicly misrepresented John in the press as a violent ex-US Marine — these, in short, are grave departures from the right of any accused to a fair trial.

We are heartbroken about the outcome of his trial and are appealing the verdict. He acted in self-defense. My son comes from a good home. He served his country. His brother was a Marine as well and is now a police officer. John is not a violent person, on the contrary, he is a very peaceful and compassionate person. He has done years of volunteer work and is very religious, he reads his Bible daily, loves helping other people and is always willing to give what he has to those in need. An animal rights activist, who loves his dog Nya, the two were inseparable before the incident. John had planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him the week after the incident happened. He never got a chance to ask her and unfortunately the relationship did not survive.

Please donate to our cause so that we can retain a lawyer for John’s appeal and new trial and he can eventually be exonerated. We are humbly asking for your help in our quest for justice for John as well as your prayers.

Thank you for taking the time to read John’s story.


Pay for John’s lawyer for his Appeal and New Trial

Pay for necessary living expenses like food and water (which is very costly) to keep John alive and as healthy as possible

Use of phone at the prison ~ $10 per 10min call

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Please help reunite our family!

Hi my name is Summer Stallard and I would like to tell you about my story. On January 17th 2017 my family was ripped apart. My husband and I brought our 2 month old (now 11 mo) son to the doctor because we noticed his head was swollen on the left side, he had a 2 month check up later that day and i called to get an earlier appointment because i was concerned. The night before our 18 month old (now 2) threw a full sippy cup of juice and a truck at him while we were in the vehicle, he acted completely normal afterwards so we didn’t suspect anything was wrong. To our horror the doctors told us he had multiple fractures. We were absolutely mortified and had no idea how they could have occurred and would never imagine harming our precious baby boy! We pleaded with the doctors to look for another explanation, and they wouldn’t listen. Then we heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear “we are taking all of your children into state custody we believe it is abuse, you must leave”. We didn’t even get to say goodbye. I just want my babies home. I am trying to raise money for funds for a doctor to come down and testify at trial and to travel to see a doctor that isn’t in my state. Please help if you can, and please share our story it needs to be heard. 

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