Please help seek justice for Harrison King

Hello our names are Precious Henderson and Harrison King we are writing your organization in hopes that you may be able to assist us in a matter of grave concern pertaining to inmates convicted in federal court whose sentences is no longer valid under the double jeopardy. In sum, we are prayerful that in the interest of fairness and justice your organization can assist us in this serious matter. He has done research on this matter will be able to present it to whomever needs to see. We have built this campaign to help us to get  lawyers, private investigator and whatever else is needed. Anything that can be contibuted to this matter and our campaign will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you  Harrison King and Precious Henderson

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Liberty & Justice 4 Anthoine

For over 12 years, Anthoine Plunkett has been incarcerated due to a wrongful conviction. Anthoine has been convicted solely based on circumstantial evidence and has consistently maintained his innocence.

For the last six years he has fought tooth and nail to expose the governmental and prosecutorial misconduct that took place in his criminal trial in August 2005.  Because of his tenacity, diligence and resilience in seeking the truth, within the last few years he has obtained newly discovered evidence that supports his allegations. This latest discovery demonstrates and supports prosecutorial misconduct involving mishandled evidence, lost evidence, and suppressed evidence that could have been favorable to his defense during his trial. The results of this evidence can lead to Anthoine being exonerated or awarded a new trial.

Anthoine has already spent $11,000.00 with various paralegals, forensic experts and investigators in the identification and development of critical issues that can lead to his conviction being overturned.  But sadly, this is still not enough. There are additional investigatory resources that need to be thoroughly exhausted to complete and further support his contentions. Unfortunately, we have lost some of our most beloved family members along the way during Anthoine’s incarceration including his mother, grandparents, an aunt and uncle in addition to the recent passing of yet another uncle. Losing these loved ones has taken a devastating toll on Anthoine emotionally as well as financially.

Anthoine has been in contact with a very reputable attorney who is willing to take on his case setting the wheels in motion necessary to gain his freedom.  The time has come to embark upon the much-needed task of raising funds. Finances are needed to cover the costs for continued investigatory work and litigation, which includes the filing of this post-conviction motion. With your help, our $15,000 campaign goal can easily be attained.  We will share as much of this new information as possible concerning developments in his case, under the advisement of the attorney. Our desire is to gain your support by being as transparent as possible.

So, get on board and join our fight for freedom, justice and equality concerning Anthoine’s plight by helping him expose the prosecutorial misconduct that has led to his wrongful conviction. NO ONE REGARDLESS OF GENDER, RACE, COLOR OR CREED SHOULD HAVE THEIR DUE PROCESS RIGHTS AS GUARANTEED BY THE FIFTH AMENDMENT OF OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION STRIPPED AWAY AS WAS DONE TO THIS MAN! HELP US AS WE REVEAL THE TRUTH AND LET S BRING THIS INNOCENT MAN HOME!

In closing, we also welcome any legal assistance or support from anyone who may be able to contribute to his cause. Thank you all. We humbly appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Funded Justice

Please Help A Father Protect His Children

Victor is a hardworking, dedicated father of four seeking financial help to hire a custody lawyer to gain full custody of his two youngest children. I ask that you please read this with an open heart with Victor’s children in mind as they are the true victims of this story.

Custody battles will bring out the worst in people, especially if one of the people involved is vindictive and mentally unstable. For the past 3 years, Victor’s Ex has done everything in her power to make Victor’s life with his fiancee as difficult as possible with complete disregard for how her actions are negatively affecting her own children. In the eyes of Victor’s Ex, her children are nothing but pons to be used as collateral. Victor has been in and out of court for the past 3 years fighting for his children. During this time, Victor’s Ex has lied about being a victim of domestic violence as a ploy to gain US citizenship, she has attempted to coach the children with lies, she has repeatedly stalked Victor’s residence and social media sights, and she has slandered Victor’s name as a father at her children’s schools and around town. This past weekend Victor’s Ex brought her vindictiveness to a level beyond what anyone thought she was capable of.

Victor currently has joint legal and physical custody of his children with time every afternoon and every weekend. This past weekend Victor had requested of his Ex that she keep the children for the weekend as he had a family wedding to attend. She was very reluctant to do so and started a big argument, but when the weekend inevitably came, she kept the children. Then, on the following Monday Victor’s Ex called Victor accusing him of heinous acts against his daughter and threatening to take legal action. Victor was absolutely appalled and besides himself with worry for his children. He immediately left his residence with his fiancee to pick his daughter up from preschool and take her to the doctor and then to the police station. When the couple arrived at Victor’s daughter’s school they were informed that his daughter did not attend class that day. The couple then drove over to Victor’s Ex’s residence to check for the children. When no one was present at Victor’s Ex’s apartment, Victor and his fiancee drove over to Victor’s youngest son’s school to check if the children were there. Upon arriving at the school, Victor and his fiancee discovered his children unattended in Victor’s Ex’s car with Victor’s Ex nowhere in sight. The children were ecstatic to see Victor after being away from him for the weekend. Victor and his fiancee stayed by the car with the children for 10-20 minutes waiting for Victor’s Ex to return. When Victor’s Ex finally returned to the car she immediately began cursing and causing a scene in front of the children and Victor’s son’s classmates and families. Victor has the legal right to have his children in the afternoons in agreeance to his  custody court order, so when Victor’s Ex started saying she was going to call the police, Victor welcomed it. Victor’s Ex then attempted to call the police, but after hearing news she was not satisfied with, she decided to lock the children in her car and drive away. Victor and his fiancee followed Victor’s Ex’s car with the children while recording the whole time. Victor’s Ex sped through town driving as if she was heading to the police station and then turning around at the last second only to drive in circles down side streets. After following the car for 30 minutes, Victor’s Ex finally decided to drive towards her residence.

Down the street from Victor’s Ex’s residence, a police officer was parked by a convenience store assisting a man with an unrelated issue. Victor’s Ex decided to pull into the parking lot of the convenience store and park her car. Victor and his fiancee parked alongside her. Victor then got out of the car and pleaded with his Ex to stop the drama now and let him take his children. Victor’s Ex continued to refuse, so Victor flagged down the nearby police officer for assistance. Victor and his fiancee explained the at hand situation to the officer and that Victor has the legal right to have his children in the afternoons. During the time Victor and his fiancee were speaking with the officer, Victor’s Ex was on the phone with a detective from the police department. When the officer approached Victor’s Ex’s car, Victor’s Ex handed the officer her cellphone with the detective on the line. The officer spoke with the detective and then informed Victor that he needed to detain him until other units arrived. Victor was put into handcuffs and placed into the back seat of the officer’s car in front of his children.

An hour later, detectives in two separate cars arrived at the scene stating that they were investigating the assault of a child. The detectives transferred Victor into one of their vehicles and asked his fiancee if she would like to come down to the station to make a statement. Victor’s fiancee jumped at the opportunity to defend Victor and willfully went with the detectives to the station. The children were released to Victor’s Ex and returned back to her residence.

Back at the station, detectives began questioning Victor’s fiancee on what she knew of this situation. Victor’s fiancee was as open and honest as she could possibly be. She told detectives all the events of the day and weekend as well as a detailed description of the difficult past they had dealing with Victor’s Ex over custody rights. The detectives then told Victor’s fiancee their side of the story. The detectives said that Victor’s Ex had said Victor’s four year old daughter was saying Victor assaulted her during one of her overnight stays at his home. His daughter supposedly said that during this alleged assault Victor’s fiancee walked into the room, said “oh my God” at which time Victor stopped what he was doing, slapped his fiancee across the face and his fiancee left the room. The detectives were vague, but informed Victor’s fiancee that Victor’s daughter had injuries. Upon hearing this story, Victor’s fiancee was in shock. She repeatedly told detectives the story was fictitious and how Victor’s Ex was a sociopathic unfit parent. Victor’s fiancee gave the detectives the key to her and Victor’s home with consent to search, she offered to take a liar detection test, and offered anything else the detectives may want access to. Victor’s fiancee told detectives that if they cared for the wellbeing of Victor’s children they would remove them from Victor’s Ex’s residence immediately. The detectives told her that removing the children from the residence was out of their jurisdiction and that if she wanted to do so she could call CPS herself. The detectives then left Victor’s fiancee in the interview room while they prepared to go search her and Victor’s home. After detectives searched the residence, they allowed Victor’s fiancee to go home. Victor’s fiancee was informed that Victor had not yet been interviewed, but that he was going to be transferred to jail with a court hearing the following Wednesday. Victor’s fiancee urged the detectives to do their jobs correctly and to please make an effort to assure the safety of Victor’s children.

After the detectives returned from searching Victor’s home, they began to interview Victor on what he knew of the situation. Victor repeated an identical story to the one his fiancee had just told detectives. He was beside himself with worry for his daughter when the detectives told him that his daughter may have injuries. He was informed that supposedly this investigation began weeks ago and that when Victor’s Ex called him earlier that morning, the detectives were listening on the line. Victor insisted his innocence and asked the detectives to protect his children. Victor offered his dna, he offered to take a lie detector test, and gave the detectives his cellphone and any other personal property they wanted access to. Victor was arrested and kept in custody 3 days until his court hearing.

When Victor’s fiancee returned to her home she was in pieces. She called all of Victor’s family and friends to fill them in on what was going on. She called CPS and reported everything that had just happened and insisted that Victor’s children were in immediate danger.  The next day, Victor’s fiancee met with lawyers. Victor’s fiancee did everything she could to prepare for Victor’s court hearing the next day. She prayed for truth and justice and she asked her friends and family to do the same. She prayed for the safety of Victor’s children as well as for the safety of Victor while he was incarcerated.

On Wednesday, Victor’s fiancee showed up to the court with Victor’s family to show support. Victor’s family was beyond relieved when they found out their prayers had been answered and Victor’s charges had been dropped without having to appear. The DA had refused charges as all the evidence they had collected pointed to a clear custody dispute and not that of an assault on a child. Victor was released to go home Wednesday evening after spending 3 days in jail. Victor’s fiancee and family were thrilled, but could see that this arrest is just the beginning of what is going to be long and expensive fight to gain full custody.

As a result of the time Victor missed from work while being incarcerated he lost his job. Victor and his fiancee were already struggling to keep food on the table and bills paid with their combined income. The support Victor and his fiancee have received from friends and family has been overwhelmingly helpful, but it does not even come close to providing enough to hire a proper defense. Victor’s children are being subjected to severe psychological damage while under the care of their biological mother. During the past 3 years of this custody battle, the emotional toll of Victor’s daughter has been reflected in her behavior at school. According to teachers, Victor’s daughter refuses to eat at school and has had fainting spells, she picks fights with other little girls, she talks back to teachers while being aggressive, and she has been lying. Unfortunately we are up against a system that is programed to favor the mother in custody issues involving young children.  In our case we are dealing with an extremely dangerous woman who will go to any means she deems necessary to sabotage the life of an Ex boyfriend.

Anything you can offer us will be greatly appreciated. All we want is for Victor’s children to be safe and happy. 

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Save child from abuse

My name is Cyndi and I am a single mother of a seven-year-old child. A 7 year old child that up until this point has been outgoing, outspoken, confident, sociable, strong, Independence, loving and always wanting to be around others. Well things have changed for my child. She now lives in fear. She’s intimidated by everything and anyone around her. Where she used to laugh and smile she now cries and hides. Where she used to be strong she now is so frail like she’s defeated. She doesn’t want to talk to many people she doesn’t feel that she can do anything on her own anymore and she looks way down on herself. She doesn’t feel that she can trust anybody. After bringing her to a psychologist she’s now been diagnosed with severe PTSD as well as other disorders. Did I mention she is 7 years old.

So let me start from the beginning  when all this came about.

My child and I we’re in an abusive domestic violence situation. I had finally overcame my fear and left that relationship. Not only for myself but for my child most importantly. I’ve done everything I can to build her up and make her a strong young lady. However her father has joint custody of her and she continues to go back and forth between the two of us. Every time that I receive her back I have to do damage control because she becomes this frail person. December of last year he decided that he was going to not return her to me and broke all contact 100% for six months.  I begged through text messages and calls to please let me speak and see to my child. He refused. Since it was a civil matter I had to file something with the courts in order to get her back. While in court I also learned that my child tried to commit suicide because she wasn’t with me. After going to court and resuming our joint custody my child wasn’t with me for more than 5 minutes when she unloaded a lot of disturbing information about what has been happening in her father’s home. She told me about being sexually abused, she told me about being mentally abused, she also told me physical abuse and inhumane ways of being punished. She had witnessed illegal drug activity, drinking and driving while she’s in a vehicle, brought two drug dealers houses where she feared something would happen to her and hid on the floorboard of the car because her father got physical altercations with drug dealers. She has been threatened by her father and her father’s wife on several occasions to not say anything about what’s going on in that house and what she’s been through otherwise they would punish her and take her away from me once again. When I ask my child why she has not told her therapist this and she said that her therapist would tell her Daddy everything and that he would Punisher for sure.

So After hearing all of this I decided that it was time for her to see a psychologist that would not turn around and tell her father everything she says and get to the bottom of it. I tried communicating with her father but that results was not productive as he had threatened my life. After seeking a psychologist in her speaking with my child on several occasions and evaluating her. She has now been diagnosed with severe PTSD as well as other disorders. She had also called CPS (Child Protective Services) and they are involved now. I live in constant fear everyday that this may be the day that my child gets hurt or worst killed at the hands of her father. She has lost so much already and I can’t do this alone. I pray every single day that God watches over her no matter where she’s at and that he correct this situation.

I’m asking you to please please help me with legal fees so that when I go back to court because this is going back to court. That my child and I have a Fighting Chance with representation against this person that continuously abuses this poor innocent child.

I know it is a lot to ask. But if you could please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you so much for your time. And God bless.

Funded Justice

My battle against justice department and FBI

Hello my name I Winston turner I borrowed money to open a business and the business failed  I am in a battle for my life against the justice department and the FBI along with having a heart attack and may have to have another surgery I hired a great lawyer meg strickler in Atlanta I need your help with legal cost I have spent 21k in cost I still need additional funds I have a family and have a 2 year old granddaughter to help raise  I am  devoted Christian and need help 

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Justice for Jonathan

Unfortunately, it is often during life’s trials that one finds out who their true friends are.

The man in the picture is my friend, Jonathan Sanders. He was a member of the US Navy; he is a father, son, brother, and friend among other roles. He has fought for human rights and completed tours overseas, and he is still fighting—but this time, he’s fighting for his freedom.

When Jonathan returned from overseas years ago, he realized his world had changed. During this time he reached out for help, but no one was there to help him, and in the end, he made a faulty decision when his back was against the wall. That decision involved turning to a life in the streets for financial gain, which led to a conviction. Jonathan takes responsibility for his actions. He knows that it wasn’t the right thing to do, and he wants a chance to right his wrongs, but being in prison won’t allow him to do that. Unfortunately, it’s easy to land oneself in prison, and more difficult to get out. That’s why we need criminal justice and prison reform.

No one is ever really prepared for what happens when one is indicted in a criminal case, unless they’re a lawyer. When Jonathan was sentenced, he didn’t know many of the things he knows now. Right now he is serving 2 federal mandatory minimum sentences, 1 conspiracy drug charge (10 yrs) and 1 gun charge (5 yrs). But that’s not all—he was also charged by the state of VA for the same crime and given a double sentence (15 years, 12 suspended to 3) to be served consecutively.

There are many injustices in his cases as a result of ineffective counsel, among other findings, and we would like help as we fight for justice for him.

Since his incarceration, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the petitioner in many cases that would support Jonathan’s grounds for arguments, such as no. 16-1348, Currier v. Virginia and no. 14SC341, Ronquillo v. People, just to name a few.

Jonathan needs a federal attorney and an attorney licensed in the state of Virginia to review his cases, which is costly. When everything you had has been taken from you, you are left with nothing but hope that the good you’ve done will speak for you. That’s what Jonathan has, and that’s why we’re asking for your help through donations and support for criminal justice reform to have his case reviewed by a federal attorney. A thorough review it will take an average of 30-60 days to complete, and costs roughly $1800. If it’s determined that his case has grounds to stand in court, it will cost an additional $8000-$13000 (rough estimate). That’s why we need your help. We will be extremely transparent and post regular updates on the progress of Jonathan’s case.

Once Jonathan has been relieved, it is our hope to continue to accept donations to support criminal justice reform and help others as well, because so many of the incarcerated population become forgotten once they’re no longer part of mainstream society. It’s so much bigger than Jonathan, and we are just beginning.

We are asking you to give your voice, give a donation—no matter how small or large, give in any way you can, even by sharing this link. Just don’t be silenced—we have done that for way too long. Thank you for caring enough to read Jonathan’s story. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr @SmallGiantz4CJR.

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Reunite children with their mom

Hi my name is Lisa Ortiz. I am trying to get donations to help my daughter get legal assistance in two child custody cases. My daughter has had a very difficult time trying to make ends meet in California so she wanted to go somewhere cheaper so she could afford to live the 2 different father’s said she couldn’t leave with the children both claiming they wanted 50/50 custody so they will not have to pay child support. Because she got her place and left the Dads now have temporary custody of the children and she is trying to get them back but she cannot afford an attorney. She is a wonderful mom and is suffering so much through this her children are ages 10 months, 3, 5, and 11 they need their mom. She is not even allowed to visit with them both of the fathers have attorneys and she is being walked all over in court. Please help

Funded Justice

Wrongly Accused African American Male Needs Help

I am Floyd Archie Sr. the father of Floyd Archie Jr. a smart, intelligent, well mannered son, who has been accused of a crime he did not commit. He said he was not present during the crime and the only person testifying against him is a person who already admitted to the crime and is trying to get their sentence reduced. Money will go toward his legal defense, and associated fees to help free an innocent young man and help prove his innocence.

Please help my son and save his future. He has his whole life in front of him and am praying that with your help, we can prove his innocence and have true justice done.

I am very hopeful and prayerful that together we can set things right.

Funded Justice

Diego Garcia’s Secret Bitcoin Laundering Operation

Diego Garcia’s Secret Bitcoin Laundering Operation


Christopher Earl Strunk


The truth about the top-secret U.S. military base on the British-controlled Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia has just taken a strange turn.  Diego Garcia is the main island in the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) whose inhabitants, the Chagossian Islanders, were forcibly deported to make way for the US leased base.  The United Nations, African Union and European Union Parliament have all condemned the British and American actions in Diego Garcia to no avail.  The base was also used as a secret CIA “black site” prison during the Bush Administration and is one of the most remote and secure military installations in the world.  No journalist has been allowed to have more than brief glance at it for over 30 years.

The Internet domain for Diego Garcia “.io” is controlled by a private company, Internet Computer Bureau (ICB). Although the UK government denies it receives any money from ICB, in 2015 the BIOT Administration refused to provide documents in its possession regarding a Freedom of Information request seeking: Any and all correspondence with ICB regarding the ongoing administration of the .io domain.

The BIOT has no anti money laundering police, no companies law, and no permanent civilian population. In the past three years the .io domain has been heavily used to host Bitcoin High Yield Investment Programs and Initial Coin Offerings. Many of these offerings promote worthless digital tokens and pyramid type schemes. The promoters are shadowy unincorporated associations which receive payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum with no physical address other than a digital currency wallet. The Wall Street Journal reported Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, the majority of which are based in IO domains, raised over $1.3 billion dollars through the third quarter of 2017.  The fourth quarter of 2017 should bring the 2017 total well over $2 billion much of it base on fraud in the IO domain.

Christopher Earl Strunk is a New York based political advocate.  He sought to raise capital to license a New York private bank but most of the available capital for such ventures had been diverted to ICOs.  Strunk retained international lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy who has sued the Vatican Bank, represented the former president of the Republic of China and initiated numerous human rights cases.

Strunk and Levy discovered while the BIOT and Diego Garcia lack a permanent civilian population and a regular economy, inexplicably it does have a fully staffed court system. They plan to file a private prosecution of the worst of the Initial Coin Offerings and High Yield Investment Programs which are virtual citizens of Diego Garcia. According to Christopher Earl Strunk: “By taking this action we hope not only to stop the scammers but alleviate a growing threat to the world economy and unmask who is behind the Bitcoin scams.”

A Copy of the Complaint may be downloaded here.


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