Help The McElhaney’s (Falsely Accused)

Please consider helping the McElhaney family. They have recently been faced with legal fees along with other financial hardships.

Jimmy and Becca are two wonderful foster parents who have loved and cared for numerous foster children along with their three biological children. Foster care is a ministry that God placed on their hearts and they have done a great job. They have had numerous children and several sibling groups in their care. Being a foster family is not easy but Jimmy and Becca have done a fantastic job of loving and caring for the children that have been in their care.

Recently, Becca has been FALSELY accused of injury to a child. Therefore, they have accrued legal fees along with other financial hardships that are beyond their control. This is a sweet, loving and godly family that really need our love and support during this very trying time.

I 100% know that Becca is innocent and will do everything possible to help this family in any way possible!

Jimmy and Becca have until the end of November to pay the rest of their current legal fees and will possibly be accruing more as this progresses. Please consider helping…every dollar counts.

Every donation and every prayer is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Funded Justice

Make this good deed go unpunished

Three years ago, one of the best punks i’ve ever met in my life was down on his luck and living in a car. At that time, he met a family in a similar boat with a child they could not feed. In a very Robin Hood type move, he may or may not have taken an item worth less than $70 from one of the greediest, wealthiest families on Earth (the Waltons) who have more money than they could use in several life times and yet pay their own employees so little that they ask shoppers to donate canned goods to feed them near the holiday. With that less than $70, he was able to purchase some food for the family (and his own stomach too). Three years later, with his life turned around, the Walmart and the state of Alabama have come back to bite him on the ass and are trying to lock him up in a for-profit privatized prison for 18 months. over seventy fucking dollars. He needs $4000 now to hire a defense lawyer who will actually work to make sure he sees no prison time (the court appointed attorney has done and said he can and will do fuck all for him).

Keith would never ask for this money himself, but know he can’t stop me from asking on his behalf because I truly believe he deserves this break. Lets help him.
Now is a real chance to take your punk ethics and fuck the system on behalf of a brother who would go down fucking it for you. 

Funded Justice

Jacob Goodwin Legal Defense Fund

Jacob Goodwin, a 23 year old young man who has never had so much as a parking ticket, is alleged to have defended himself against a brutal, violent thug who has already been charged with assault in the incident. A politically motivated witch-hunt led to charges being filed against Jacob, as well. Now, he has been arrested and extradited to Virginia. Thanks to your help and generous financial donations, his Arkansas attorney, who represented Jacob following his arrest and prior to his extradition, has been satisfactorily compensated. Lawyers for his legal defense have been procured in Virginia, but his family and friends desperately need your help with his legal defense bills. Please give however much you can, as this will be an ongoing and uphill legal battle which will take some time to resolve. Jacob’s next hearing is December 14th. Please help with his legal defense fund, with his family’s travel expenses to go visit him and attend the trial, and with his commissary fund and phone calls back home. He even has to pay rent to the jail to stay there. Every donation helps. If you cannot give, then please share this with those who can, and God bless you.

Funded Justice

Justice for Sherrod

My name is Mrs. Roxanna McGee and I want to share my story with you.  My husband Mr. Sherrod McGee was released from prison on October 16, 2017. I along with our children drove from San Antonio, Texas to Tipton Missouri where he was being released from prison to pick up my husband.  We had plans that once he was released from prison we would take a much needed family vacation to spend quality time together and start rebuilding our family bond.  We decided the best place to for our family vacation was in Branson, MO.  I researched and found the perfect resort Stillwaters Resort in Branson, MO worked hard to pay for our stay and have spending money to enjoy the shows and entertainment Branson had to offer. On Friday evening October 20, 2017 my husband and I were standing outside talking I was sitting in the driver’s seat of our car and our children were sitting inside the car. My husband was standing outside the driver’s side rear door.  When an officer rolled up stating they received a call of a suspicious person they immediately detained my husband and asked him for his information, my husband provided the officer with his name, DOB and SSN, and his ID. Once they ran his information he was cleared no warrants nothing. The officer then gathered my information I provided it as well and again was clear no warrants nothing. Still have my husband detained they separated us and started question each of us individually. Then the Indian Point Chief of Police asks who the rental car’s name was under I told him it was under my name, he then got his K9 dog to search the vehicle for drugs and of course no drugs were found.  I had passion marks on my neck 3 (hickies) and the officer asked if they were “love marks” I said yes.  Not once did they ask if we were residents at the resort.  The whole time they have my husband detained going back in forth questioning us for approximately 2 hours. The officer and the chief of police mistook the passion marks as abusive marks-detained my husband on suspicion of Domestic Assault 4th Degree-once my husband was in jail they charged him with Kidnapping 2nd Degree.  While the whole time my husband is asking Officer A. Robinson badge number 110 if he was being arrested and he was told no he was not.  No lawyers or Bonds Men will help because we are not from that town is what we are being told.  There were no photos taken of the “assault” that he was charged with.  My husband complied with law enforcement and they had absolutely no reason to detain him. This was supposed to be a family vacation to make memories to last a lifetime instead they ruined what was supposed to be a special time for my family.  These are charges that should not be, he should not be in jail, he is being wrongfully charged. They have the phone blocked to where he can’t contact me, he was never given any paperwork to not contact me, no bonds man wants to provide services to bond him out because they are in communication with the jail. He is not getting a fair chance to fight outside that jail.  They are making it hard for him to be released any assistance in helping me and my family is greatly appreciated please I need help this is an injustice. Our family needs help no one is listening no one is helping us we need a good attorney in the state of Missouri this could happen to anyone this could be your family.

Funded Justice

Please help Brian keep his son

Hi, my name is Brian and I am a proud father of an amazing 2 year old boy and an elementary educator.  Caring for children has always been my passion and I have dedicated my life’s work to do just that. However, nothing makes me happier or more fulfilled than being a dad. From the first time that I held him in my arms and felt his tiny hand wrap around my finger, I was smitten

Unfortunately, his mother and I are no longer together.  It has always been my intention to remain as involved in his life as possible.  We had a verbal agreement, but as soon as we were no longer residing together she filed for full custody.  For the first two months of our separation, I was given no access to my child at all.  After that, I was granted only supervised visitation until a follow-up court date which ended up being over 4 months later.

I have been put through the ringer and without cause.  I was forced to be psychologically evaluated to prove I was a “fit parent”, simply because her attorney requested, a task that I was required to pay for myself. I was scrutinized for several months by a guardian ad litem.  All things his mother was not required to do.  And because I will do ANYTHING to stay in my son’s life, I found a way to pay for all of the thousands of dollars in fees and made it work.  Finally, in March 2017 it all paid off and I was granted equal rights.

Since then, his mother has continued to cause problems, and go so far as to poison my child against me.  Her and her family have spoken negatively about me in my child’s presence frequently.   She constantly attempts to limit my access to him.  When I was 6 minutes late (due to getting stuck at work) to pick him up for my court ordered weekend with him, she drove off with him and refused to answer her phone.  She has threatened to take him out of town during my time with him, and has accused me of vandalizing her car as well as using “abusive language” for no other reason than to try to push her agenda.

The bottom line is no one is perfect, but I am a good father.  Any study you read will tell you that it’s extremely important that a father remain in his child’s life. I’m not asking for anything but what was already granted to me in court.  Unfortunately, I will have to return to court in order to ensure that these rights remain mine, and that’s why I need your help.

Funded Justice

Please help stop the DA from ruining our lives

Hi, thanks for wanting to know more about our cause. My name is Sarah and my boyfriend’s name is DeShaun. We are in the middle of a legal nightmare. To preface this I will explain I have many medical issues, I had a liver transplant and also have diabetes, hypothyroidism, stage 3 kidney failure, depression, anxiety, and have a lot of issues with getting dehydrated very easily. At the end of June I had an incident where I passed out due to diabetes and dehydration while DeShaun and I were having a conversation. When I passed out I fell to the floor and hit the side of my head pretty hard. When I woke up DeShaun was on top of me trying to prevent me from hurting myself, I was trying to slam my head on a tile floor and flailing around. However, when I came to I panicked and thought he was attacking me. Even though I came to I did not have my full mental capacity so I fought back with everything in me. I was trying to get him off of me. I was screaming and begging DeShaun to kill me, I don’t know why as I do not want to die. I even went and got my gun and begged him to kill me. After all of this I was still not quite with it, I believe the fainting, the dehydration, and the adrenaline were impacting me. I ended up calling the police that night and gave them a story of what I thought happened. I thought he attacked me and tried to hurt me. The police pretty much made me go to the emergency room, while there I regained more mental capacity, I was confused and trying to figure out what was going on. I found out I gave a statement while I was there, as soon as I was with it I asked for the statement back as I knew it wasn’t right. The officer refused to give it back to me. It took me a couple days to realize what actually happened and I have been trying to fix it since. The DA does not believe me and assumes I am scared of him or dependent on him so I am lying and will not drop the charge. DeShaun and I have a great relationship and always have. He is a hardworking, loving, gentle, caring, and responsible man. He takes care of his mother and does everything he can for me. He is not a violent person and wouldn’t hurt anything other than a spider.

I have started seeing a therapist because of the way I was acting that night. I am not a suicidal person and my life is probably the best it ever has been with DeShaun and his family. I have also been to many doctors to figure out what happened and how to avoid it happening again. DeShaun and I just want to move on with our lives and go back to planning our future but the DA is currently controlling everything. They will not budge on the charges, they are currently charging him with 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors. He should not have any charges as he actually saved my life that night.

We have had to hire two lawyers to help us on this case, one for his criminal defense and the other to help make my voice heard. We are already over $12,000 into debt in just lawyer fees, and that does not include if it has to go to trial, court costs, or any fines or fees that are given to us. Unfortunately both of our lawyers both are saying that a trial may be the only way to get the charges dropped, that doesn’t mean they will be, but we have to try. We are looking for help raising money to help cover the lawyers we already have and the cost of a trial. In addition to the legal fees I have had a lot of medical costs come in. We have already borrowed everything we can from our families, cashed in a 401K, and sold everything we can. We are desperate as the DA wants to charge him with the felonies that could put him in jail for something he didn’t do. Our next court date is Oct 31st, we are expecting the DA to offer a plea but they still want to charge him with a felony. We are going to try to get a continuation to allow us to keep working on our case.

If you can help with anything it is greatly appreciated. We are trying to find a way to pay our families back and continue to have legal representation. We also believe in paying things forward and do it on a regular basis and plan to keep doing it. I am not sure how, but I plan on doing something to help other people in similar situations, it’s not fair that the state can take over your life and you can’t do anything about it.

Funded Justice

No child should be with out their mother.

My name is Rebecca. I am a mother of 3 amazing kids. Johnathan who is 12, Gemma who is 8, and Jeremiah who is 4. I am also currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl named Genesis. My children are my life.

Recently in June our family went through some family trauma and a made some very poor judgement calls which unfortunately effected my children greatly. This has caused my ex husband to file for full custody of my daughter AND third party custody of my oldest son. He has hired a very strict and intimidating lawyer and leaving me to fight and represent myself. I do have wonderful support from my family but unfortunately family support is different from having the support of a lawyer.

I have applied for all the state assistant programs and have wound up empty handed and stuck in a corner. I am at the point where things have gotten ugly and I can no longer fight this battle alone and need to find representing ration. I am working and trying my best to save up the funds to pay for a lawyer. I have met an amazing lawyer willing to help my case and even travel 8 hours round trip but by the time I have the money to pay for $8000 in retainer fees for both cases I will lose the battle and lose my children.

I feel no child should be with out their mother and the proposal he has submitted they have very limited time with me. He currently has both children and they have not been allowed by him to see me. They have not seen or talked to their mother since July.

I hate to ask for help but I know I need the help. I have worked so hard to make myself a better person for myself and my kids and they don’t deserve to be with out a mother. I am a good mom and a good person and although people make mistakes we can all overcome those mistakes and make ourselves a better person. I am currently in counseling, taking a parenting class and in a DV support group. I am making changes and have made changes. The last step is to get proper representation and I am asking for the support of my friends and fsmily. Anything helps. Donate. Share. Love. 

Funded Justice

Partnership Against Cancer

Growing up, I always wanted to be a farmer like my dad.  As it turns out, I may be lucky that didn’t come to pass.  My dad died in November, 2000 at the age of 56.  The most difficult day of my life so far.  Leading up to his death, he suffered from non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma, which eventually entering his spinal fluid.  He spent months in intensive care, suffering immensely from the effects of the cancer and its treatments.

Recently, various studies have uncovered a strong link between a herbicide called Roundup, which my dad used on his farm, and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Further, in March 2017, a judge in San Francisco unsealed documents that show Roundup’s manufacturer, Monsanto Company, has known  for over 30 years that Roundup’s ingredients were likely to cause cancer, specifically non-Hodkin’s Lymphoma.

As a result of this discovery, numerous farmers have filed legal claims against Monsanto.  I would like to join those lawsuits as personal representative of my dad’s estate, to help my mom, and to hold Monsanto accountable.  To do so, however, I need funds to pay for legal help.  And I need them soon, so I can pay a lawyer to file a case and avoid the statute of limitations, which for my dad’s case may have begun to run when Monsanto’s fraudulent concealment became public earlier this year.

Monsanto is a $50 billion global conglomerate.  Its flagship product, Roundup, is the most used herbicide in the world, with more than 9.4 million tons sprayed on crops since it was first registered for use in 1974.  To further boost sales of Roundup, Monsanto has genetically engineered crops to resist it, so the herbicide can be sprayed indiscriminately as a week killer without killing the desired crop.  This, along with its use as a desiccant, has caused glyphosate to enter our food systems, presenting now known (and yet unknown) hazards to us all.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has found residues of glyphosate (Roundup’s active ingredient) in 29.7 per cent of all food samples, with 1.3 per cent containing residue levels above Canada’s maximum residue limits. For the grain products tested, 3.9 per cent had residue levels above maximum residue limits.   You can read about this testing here:

If I receive pledges sufficient to launch this lawsuit and the lawsuit results in a recovery, I in turn pledge to donate twice the amount used to pay legal fees and other expenses related to the litigation to environmental groups and cancer foundations, up to the total net recoveries from Monsanto.  I’ll also donate any funds remaining from the Funded Justice campaign to environmental groups, once all litigation is complete.  Finally, I’ll regularly report on progress of the litigation and related lawsuits against Monsanto.  Whatever happens in the litigation, your help will bring more awareness to this continuing risk not only to farmers but also to all of us who depend on them.

Thanks for reading. 

Funded Justice

Danny Belongs in School Not Behind Bars

Danny was first arrested in Sept. 2016 at the age of 13 for vandalizing a school trash can lid. Between Sept. 2016 and March 2017 he sustained three other misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest. In mid-July, he was arrested for a parole violation and remains in custody at juvenile hall. Danny is facing a total of up to one-year and eight months in detention for low level MISDEMEANORS. He missed his eighth grade graduation and will miss all of his Freshman year and some of his Sophomore year. Danny is a bright kid, who should be in high school preparing for college, rather than growing up behind bars. Before his arrest, Danny lived with his unemployed father in an RV. His mother left the family when he was three.

I met Danny through a volunteer organization at the end of June 2017. His lawyer, who took on the case pro bono in July, and I have been fighting to get him released. His next hearing is on Nov. 29. We have identified an expert witness, whose testimony we believe will help get Danny released.

We are asking you to help subsidize the cost of the expert witness, along with the numerous court filings, which his lawyer has paid out of pocket. Please share this request with your friends.

Thank you,


Funded Justice