Domestic violence victim needs help!

My best friend is a hard working single mother of a four year old son from a prior relationship that ended due to domestic violence.   During September 2017, upon picking up her child from school for her parenting time she  noticed a  set  of concerning abrasions on multiple areas of his face and his teachers claimed he came to school with them. She took her son to his pediatrician’s office and he stated that he was being physically and sexually abused at his father’s house. CPS was called and an investigation was opened. During the investigation, my friend was advised to withhold parenting time until the investigation was completed and was told to obtain legal counsel to permantly change the custody arangement. She found an experienced attorney that deals with domestic violence and child abuse custody cases.  During all of this conflict she not only worked full time and was working on her MSW at a local university, but she is also 8 months pregnant.  However she recently was put on bedrest for  potential pre-eclamsia and  even with no income coming in currently, she is not eligible for legal aid. She is needing help not only to help pay her retainer fee or any sub-sequential fees that arise, but to make sure her bills are still paid in a timely fashion. Thank you for reading. 

Funded Justice