Gay man wrongfully accused by homophobic cops

Hi im josh.i live in a small town & ten years ago when i was 18 police were searching my home for stolen property & came across some gay porn photos i had which were given to me by a friend who had saved them to his computer after he downloaded them from internet.the night police found the photos i was in jail because i got in a fight with my roommate who is also gay.the fight started because he was drunk & high on drugs & i told him i didnt want him doing that stuff at my house.police thought the young men in the photos “looked like minors” but they were all at least 18 and the photos were from the “twink” genre of gay porn.a “twink” is basically a thin feminine looking gay guy between ages 18-23.after the county attorney refused to prosecute me (because they had no proof that there were minors in the photos) police waited until that county attorney retired over a year later & then convinced the new county attorney to prosecute me for the photos while i was in jail for nonrelated & nonsexual charges.they still had no proof that any minors were in photos but i was still charged for court appointed attorney did nothing to defend me.he lied to me by saying prosecutor would only have to convince jury that they looked like minors.he also said if they proved they wereminors it wouldnt matter if i didnt know that.i found out after i was in prison for it that that was also a lie.the 35yo prosecutor died unexpectedly while i was in prison & his death was suspected to be drug related as they found out he was alchoholic & addicted to drugs.they caught him mishandling other cases and his law license got suspended for awhile.anyway, my attorney did nothing for me & prosecutor offered to drop 35 years worth of nonrelated & nonsexual charges if i’d plead guilty to the misdemeanor sex offense.judge refused to appoint me a new attorney when i requested it so, knowing little about the law back then, i accepted the plea deal & plead guilty & went to ive learned that my innocencce couldve been proven easily if my court appointed attorney would have actually tried to do so.( the guy who gave me the photos was charged but his charge was dropped cause county attorney forgot to file the trial info on time)i belive that at least part of their motive for accusing me of this crime was their homophobia.prior to when they found the photos i was being harrassed by a bunch of guys in town for being gay & police refused to do anything.i was harrassed by these guys & even assualted a couple times.they called me faggot & queer etc when they seen me in public.thhey once followed me in my car and yelled homophobic names at me.there were several witnesses to this but police still refused to do anything.i no longer trust court appointed attorneys after what mine did to me.and i have been diagnosed with PTSD because of what the police & justice system here did to me.i often have nightmares & at times its close to impossible to go in public cause i feel panicky sometimes when i do.i cry alot because im innocent & feel so helpless & hopeless.i need money to hire a private attorney who can get my case back in court and prove there was no minors in those photos.when police asked wether photos were mine or my gay roommate’s i immediately admitted they were mine as i knew i had nothing to hide.if there was minors in the photos i would have denied they were mine or even told them that they belonged to my roommate who had me arrested the night b4 for hitting him.( im not a violent person but he was drunk & high and mouthing off to me and being obnoxious & wouldnt leave me alone after i told him to over and over again)but i admitted they were mine.why would i admit that if there was something illegal about the photos?Anyway, thanks for reading my story & i will be extremely greatful if you would be kind enough to donate any amount you can afford.they destroyed my life and future and publicly humiliated me when it was obvious i was innocent.

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