Is this right for the Texas Attorney general to do?

Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton recently did something that typically you would not want from an attorney general. He encouraged public employees to turn a blind eye and disobey a Supreme Court decision. He has encouraged and expressed to clerks of the court they can refuse to issue same sex marriage licenses citing that states can use nullification to ignore federal laws.  The lack of ethical balance doesn’t stop there with this attorney general of Texas; he was also recently indicted on felony security charges. According to legal documents, Ken Paxton is accused of luring his friends into buying stock in Servergy, a company he also claimed to invest in. All the while, he was pulling a percentage off the top to line his own pockets.

Since the attorney general was indicted, three separate attorneys have quit working for him. Paxton has been overly disrespectful to the court and judge overseeing his case; causing further speculation that he is just stalling.

The real question is how will this court obtain justice?  How will the court find justice for the real victims in this case, the other side according to Obergefell v. Hodges? It is now a law that courts have to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex.  Anything other than that is discrimination according to the new law.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, several lawsuits have been brought against the clerks of Texas courts for discrimination. One way that people who are involved in discrimination lawsuits are        reaching out for help, is  Funded Justice is a relatively new company that serves as a crowd funding campaign specifically catering to those trying to raise money to      fund a legal issue. Funded Justice will not turn away a campaign and believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Every person, regardless of the accusation, deserves their day in court and legal representation should not be dependent on financial resources.


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