Justice for Anne

It’s happened to all of us. Go to leave work after a long day, juggling everything in your hands to
get your keys out and you place your phone, drink or even your purse on the top of the car while you open the door. Somewhere in the chaos, you forget that you placed it there and drive away. This is what happened to Anne. However, the stakes were much higher, she is now imprisoned and facing felony theft charges for her mistake.

Anne was a highly regarded manager of a local convenience store. She worked hard, was loyal and put in overtime month after month. One of her daily duties was to deliver the stores bank deposit to the bank. After a long shift, she left work with the deposit and drove to the bank; only to realize she had done the unthinkable. She had placed the deposit on her car and drove off – the deposit was gone.

Due to this mistake, and the employer’s knowledge that it was a mistake, she was allowed to quit her job opposed to officially being fired in an effort to maintain her professional reputation.

Two weeks later, she was arrested for felony theft and taken into custody where she will be forced to remain as the court system is backlogged and her friends and family are unable to secure the nearly $60,000 in bail and fees to have her released.


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