Love Wins. Can Justice Win Too?

lovewins-twitterWe were happy that the Supreme Court affirmed the rights of all couples to be married last month.  Love wins is what people were saying on the internet and we agree with that.  The basic premise of the case was that same sex couples wanted to have the same chance at marriage as straight couples do.

As I read about the verdict and the reactions which mostly focused on equality, I did wonder if there would ever come a time in our country when we would strive for legal justice.  Can justice win?

When I say that I want justice to win, I mean that I don’t want you, your neighbor, your co-worker or anyone else to lose in court because the system was rigged against them.  We will never have a perfect justice system, but we can strive to make it more fair, more just.

To me, the best chance we have to make our system more just and feel less rigged is to make sure that every person in the court system has a chance to get a good attorney in their corner.  It shouldn’t work this way, but if you ever go to court and see the people who aren’t represented, it’s clear that they don’t have a chance.  In many cases, the Judge doesn’t even let them talk.

Even when some disenfranchised people come with an attorney they can get screwed over because they can only afford to hire someone who is young and not very experienced.  We’ve seen these greener attorneys get pushed around to the point that it seems like they are adding nothing of value to their client’s case.

The reality is that this lack of justice ends up sending people to jail who shouldn’t be there.  It causes good parents to lose custody of their kids.  It allows big companies to bully the little guy.

These issues aren’t as black and white as marriage equality, but they deserve our support and rage nonetheless.

So we are ecstatic that love won.  We just want justice to win too.

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