#MakingAMurderer ; The Ex Files

Much of the world has been captivated by the Netflix series Making a Murderer in which a story is told about a man who may have been set up by his local police department. There are several theories of why this set up occurred but as more and more people complete the 10 part series, more of the characters are coming out speaking for the first time.

The latest character being Steven’s Ex-Fiancée, Jodi. Jodi Stachowiski was seen extensively in several of the episodes of Making a Murderer professing her love of Steven, and even expressing his innocence. In one of the episodes she recalls the night of Halbach’s murder as she had called Steven from jail. Jodi has a well-documented past of drinking issues and was serving time for a DUI related offense. The call on the night of the murder was recorded and documented and as Jodi says during the episode, Steven didn’t sound hurried or like he was hiding anything from her. It was a normal evening where she spoke with him twice during the time the murder supposedly took place.

Now, flash forward years to the release of the Netflix series, and Jodi has given an exclusive interview with HLN. You can watch the 30+ minute video here: http://www.hlntv.com/shows/nancy-grace/articles/2016/01/13/steven-avery-s-former-fiancee-jodi-stachowski-exclusive-interview

Jodi claims Steven was a very abusive partner; from punching and kicking to throwing her up against a wall and threatening her life, according to her there was no hiding from the wrath of an upset Steven. She goes on to claim that she ate boxes of rat poison in an attempt to get away from Steven. She states that she told the hospital staff about the abuse, as well as her parole officer and no one did anything.

What do you think? Is she lying in order to get her five minutes of fame from the series? What did you think of her interview? In watching it, I found she says “I don’t recall” entirely too many times for my own personal trust of her facts to be solid. I would never say it isn’t possible, because anything is possible. However, why did she stay as long as she did?

One thing I did find extremely interesting about this interview though the guilt that Jodi feels. She claims that on the night of Halbach’s murder, she was supposed to be with Avery. That was supposed to be the night of her release and for unknown reasons to her, the county would not release her that day. She feels like if she would have been released on time, Halbach may still be alive. What do you think, more conspiracy theory?


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