#MakingAMurderer ; The key

It is hard to go anywhere lately without over hearing someone talk about the Netflix series, Making A Murderer. From workplace conversations to the grocery store, everyone is talking about the case involving Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Let’s examine one literal key to the case, the victim’s car key. **warning, spoilers involved**

According to the documentary, the key was located in Steven’s bedroom, on the floor under his slippers and beside a bookshelf. The key to the Toyota Rav 4 was found on day 3 of an all-inclusive 8 day search. According to the series, at first glance the officers involved in the search did not see the key. One officer recounts his version of events and says he actually picked up the bookshelf, shook it and placed it back down. Mysteriously, a few days later (after a Manitowoc county official arrived on site) the key was found out in the open in plain sight.

Is it possible the key was there the entire time and this is not a piece of planted evidence? Anything is possible, right? To my recollection, the room was not photographed or videotaped prior to the search beginning so it is almost impossible to determine exactly whether it was there or not.

What we do know as fact (according to the Netflix series) is:

-According to the police, this was the main key the victim used, however a simple google search will show this key is actually what the spare key for the 99 Toyota Rav 4 looks like; not the main key. The key was the only key on the keyring. The key was on attached to a lanyard keyring and neither contained any of the victims DNA. A complete scrub was done on the key and lanyard, and the only DNA was Steven Avery’s.

So, we at Funded Justice have to ask; what do you think? Was the key planted evidence? Was the DNA on the key also planted? Or did the search team simply actually miss the key the first and second days of the search, simply stumbling across it on the third day?


What do you think?