It is the time of year when the stars come out to be recognized for their brilliant acting, directing, screenwriting and overall entertaining nature in the movies. It’s Oscar season. However, one fact about both this year and last year’s nominees has many actors like Jada Pinkett Smith up in arms. There has been not one single African American nominee in two years.

Chris Rock is set to host the Oscars on Sunday February 28th, and many other African American’s are scheduled to present and preform, however why were none nominated? It begs the question of are the Oscars racist or were the movies just not Oscar worthy?

I saw The Revenant, and Mad Max both of which have 10 or more nominations; personally, I preferred Straight Outta Compton to Mad Max but I am not a movie critic. Straight Outta Compton was nominated only in one category, “Writing (Original Screenplay)” ironically, the screenplay writer who was nominated is white.

What do you think? Do the nominations prove an institutional bias against minorities and women within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences or is it just a weird fluke on who received an Oscar nomination this year?


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