Save child from abuse

My name is Cyndi and I am a single mother of a seven-year-old child. A 7 year old child that up until this point has been outgoing, outspoken, confident, sociable, strong, Independence, loving and always wanting to be around others. Well things have changed for my child. She now lives in fear. She’s intimidated by everything and anyone around her. Where she used to laugh and smile she now cries and hides. Where she used to be strong she now is so frail like she’s defeated. She doesn’t want to talk to many people she doesn’t feel that she can do anything on her own anymore and she looks way down on herself. She doesn’t feel that she can trust anybody. After bringing her to a psychologist she’s now been diagnosed with severe PTSD as well as other disorders. Did I mention she is 7 years old.

So let me start from the beginning  when all this came about.

My child and I we’re in an abusive domestic violence situation. I had finally overcame my fear and left that relationship. Not only for myself but for my child most importantly. I’ve done everything I can to build her up and make her a strong young lady. However her father has joint custody of her and she continues to go back and forth between the two of us. Every time that I receive her back I have to do damage control because she becomes this frail person. December of last year he decided that he was going to not return her to me and broke all contact 100% for six months.  I begged through text messages and calls to please let me speak and see to my child. He refused. Since it was a civil matter I had to file something with the courts in order to get her back. While in court I also learned that my child tried to commit suicide because she wasn’t with me. After going to court and resuming our joint custody my child wasn’t with me for more than 5 minutes when she unloaded a lot of disturbing information about what has been happening in her father’s home. She told me about being sexually abused, she told me about being mentally abused, she also told me physical abuse and inhumane ways of being punished. She had witnessed illegal drug activity, drinking and driving while she’s in a vehicle, brought two drug dealers houses where she feared something would happen to her and hid on the floorboard of the car because her father got physical altercations with drug dealers. She has been threatened by her father and her father’s wife on several occasions to not say anything about what’s going on in that house and what she’s been through otherwise they would punish her and take her away from me once again. When I ask my child why she has not told her therapist this and she said that her therapist would tell her Daddy everything and that he would Punisher for sure.

So After hearing all of this I decided that it was time for her to see a psychologist that would not turn around and tell her father everything she says and get to the bottom of it. I tried communicating with her father but that results was not productive as he had threatened my life. After seeking a psychologist in her speaking with my child on several occasions and evaluating her. She has now been diagnosed with severe PTSD as well as other disorders. She had also called CPS (Child Protective Services) and they are involved now. I live in constant fear everyday that this may be the day that my child gets hurt or worst killed at the hands of her father. She has lost so much already and I can’t do this alone. I pray every single day that God watches over her no matter where she’s at and that he correct this situation.

I’m asking you to please please help me with legal fees so that when I go back to court because this is going back to court. That my child and I have a Fighting Chance with representation against this person that continuously abuses this poor innocent child.

I know it is a lot to ask. But if you could please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you so much for your time. And God bless.

Funded Justice