Trust and Safety

Funded Justice takes its users trust and safety seriously, not only for those donating but also for the campaign owners themselves.
Every campaign owner must also sign up for an account through Stripe. Stripe ensures that any funds collected are processed as quickly and securely as possible. You can read more about Stripe’s security here: Stripes Security. Once a Stripe account is created by the campaign owner, he or she then has the ability to log in via Stripe to monitor their account of donations. Who donated, when and how much they donated, and where the funds are in the process of arriving directly to their bank account.
Typically, once a donation is made, those funds are transferred directly to the campaign owner’s bank account within 3-5 business days. Contributors, Supporters, and Donators also have the peace of mind that Funded Justice takes many safeguards to maintain the safety and security of its user’s information.
Every campaign allows for the option for you to contact its owner with any questions, watch for updates and more. In addition, Funded Justice allows for anonymous donations to each campaign. Funded Justice has a strong support system for its campaign owners and many online resources. Friendly, helpful staff is here to help solve any issues you may run into via email.