Making a Video

Now if you are serious about your crowdfunding campaign then a video (or slideshow) is a must. Your best chance of capturing someone’s attention is though the use of video. Videos give you a quick and easy way to capture someone’s attention, explain what you are doing and ask for their support.

Nowadays almost any cell phone, fiip camera, laptop or tablet video camera can provide you with a high quality video that you can upload and use on your campaign page. You also don’t need expensive

editing software. You probably already have the software that you might need already on your computer

(iMovie,Windows Movie Maker, etc.), you can also download a handy tool like YouTube Movie Maker for free, or use free online solutions like Photobucket and WeVideo. Making high quality videos and slide shows isn’t as hard as you might think. You can also go to places like www. and for about $5.00 have a professional movie made for you. You just need to provide the script and any images that you want to use.  But you really should have a plan and have some best practices firmly in mind as you work. Here are our suggestions:

Short and Sweet

You should strive to keep the video around 2 minutes or less. 3 minutes is the upper limit of a video people can be expected to watch from beginning to end.  In this case less is really more.

Keep it Simple

Unless, you make videos professionally you should strive for a simple video. You should be able to get you video done in less than an hour and can easily reshoot it at anytime you want or if you want to make changes. Here are the key items to keep in mind:

  1. Attention –Grab your audience attention in the opening seconds of the video. Briefly explain your situation. Ask them what they would do in a similar situation.
  2. About You –Introduce yourself. Tell everyone about your background, family or anything that you think is relevant to the campaign you’ll be talking about.
  3. Tell the Story of Your Campaign-Keep it short and simple. Answer the kinds of questions that supporters would ask. What is the problem? What is your solution? How will raising this money solve your problem.
  4. How You’ll Spend the Money –If you already have an attorney, mention their name. Highlight how the money will solve your issues. Supporters appreciate a tangible connection to where their donation will go and how it will help.
  5. Final Call to Action –Finish the video with a strong, clear request for support. Ask people to make a financial contribution AND to spread the word about the project. It’s also effective to add urgency by reminding everyone that time is limited.

“We have only 3 weeks to raise $3,000 and we need your support. Your generous donation can make this horrible problem go away. Just as importantly we need your help in spreading the word. Please send a link to this campaign to people you know and let them know you supported us. Thank you for helping us make such a positive impact.”

Write It Down

 A couple of planning tools you should consider . . .

  1. Make a Storyboard – This is just simple sketches and notes about the linear flow of your video. It helps you plan how your video images will be combined with music, still photos, text cards/overlays, and voice overs.
  2. Write a script – You want to say what you have to say as naturally as possible, but a script can help you plan those thoughts in a way that’s clear and concise.

Do a Test

Don’t record too much video/audio until you’ve checked that what you’re producing is going to look and sound right. Dim lighting or poor audio can hurt the overall feel of your video. Think about shooting your video in a well lit room or outside. Recording in areas with a lot of ambient noise or in rooms with wood floors or tile can be problematic. A quick test should be enough to avoid serious issues.

Show People

If you can show the faces of the people involved that goes along way in building support. Supporters like to see who they are helping. .

Be Sincere

Whether you choose to make a full-fledged video or a simple slide show, be yourself and talk about your campaign in sincere terms.  Let your video tell your story, remember that for alot of people, that video is all that they will know about you and your campaign.