What is attorney client privilege?

Attorney client privilege is a phrase we all have heard more times than we can count. But what exactly is it and what how could it apply to your personal case?


“Attorney–client privilege is an American legal concept that protects certain communications between a client and his or her attorney and prevents the attorney from being compelled to testify to those communications in court.” Is the description Wikipedia gives us for attorney client privilege; this privilege being one of the oldest and most respected privileges that protect both client and attorney and the attorney’s staff.  For the privilege to apply, however the communication must remain confidential. If the information under privilege is discussed between people outside of the case, the privilege may be extinguished. The real purpose around the attorney client privilege is so that the person requesting advice may feel as though they can speak freely with the attorney without fear that the attorney uncovers any of his or her secrets. The attorney cannot successfully argue a case without all of the information. Many times, that information is needed to only be given to the attorney so that they are aware of details or situations that may change the way they choose to bring the case in front of jury.

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