Why should your ability to afford a lawyer affect your legal outcome?

We try to talk to people directly and in plain English.  That’s how we want to be treated when we need someone’s help and that’ how we think you want to be treated too.

In a perfect world, the person in the right would win their legal case.  But anyone who lives in reality knows that isn’t true.  There are countless examples in our country of wealthy people who have won their cases simply because they can afford the best representation.  Money talks.

If you go to any courthouse you’ll see that you are allowed to represent yourself, but most Judges won’t listen to you if you don’t have a lawyer in your corner.  Again, it shouldn’t work that way, but it does.

This unfairness is what inspired us to create www.fundedjustice.com.  We don’t want to take sides in a legal fight.  What we do want to do is make sure that if you are going to have your day in court, you don’t lose because you had to hire the cheapest attorney you can find or no lawyer at all.

Our goal is to have a level playing field for anyone that needs legal help.  Most of the people we talk to are good people with good claims.  A lot of them know the right attorney to lead them to success.  They just need help in hiring that person.

With Funded Justice, you can get the word out as to what you are going through and hopefully have friends, loved ones and strangers give you some help.

The question we asked at the beginning of this post was why should your ability to afford a lawyer affect your legal outcome?  The answer is that it shouldn’t.  Every time we can help someone get proper legal funding it’s a victory for everyone.  Because when the just result takes place, everybody wins.