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Welcome to Funded Justice

Welcome to Funded Justice! The only place on the internet that is FOCUSED on helping people harness the power of crowdfunding to raise money to hire attorneys or right a social wrong. We give you all the tools you need to make your campaign a success. It does not matter if you are raising money to fight a Presidential Executive Order, or need money to hire an lawyer for a personal matter - we are here to help you .

Why you should support projects on our platform

  • Safe & Secure

    Funded Justice takes its user's trust and safety seriously, not only for those donating, but also for the campaign owners themselves. Funded Justice uses the same secure and encrypted technology as your bank to ensure your donations are processed safely.
  • Accept Credit Cards

    Funded Justice accepts all major credit cards for donations, and payments to the campaign owner are sent directly using WePay or PayPal.
  • Legal and Social Justice Focused

    We are the ONLY crowdfunding platform that is EXCLUSIVELY focused on raising money for Legal and Social Justice Issues. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have the best legal representation possible. WE ALSO GUARANTEE THAT ONCE YOUR CAMPAIGN IS LIVE, WE WILL NOT CANCEL IT LIKE SOME OTHER PLATFORMS.

  • Mobile friendly

    All campaigns created are optimized for smart phone usage. So feel free to share your campaign by text, and rest assured that it will look great and it will be easy for your supporters to make donations
  • Easily Share On Social Media

    We give you all the tools you need to share your campaign on all major Social Media platforms. We will also share your campaign within our Social Media accounts. In certain cases we will also reach out to journalist, bloggers, key influencers and other communities to help raise funds and awareness about your campaign.
  • No Barriers

    We do not force you to reach any goal before you receive any funds. Also, we send you funds as fast as we can electronically process them.

Do You Need Help Getting People To Your Campaign?

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