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Do you have a car with a clear title and require money right away? Even with poor credit, applying for a car title loan online with a fast application is the quickest method to be approved for a short-term loan and receive the funds you require for any unforeseen expenses.

A secured loan backed by your car is a title loan. The lender will be more inclined to lend you the money you need and will pay less attention to your credit history if you use your vehicle as collateral to ensure that you will repay the loan. For people with bad credit, a title loan is usually a more practical option. The terms of your loan, including how much you may borrow, the interest rate, and the length of the loan, are determined by the value of your car and your ability to pay. Your credit profile is used to determine your loan APR.

How to Get a Car Title Loan in Washington

The entire procedure is very simple. To obtain a loan, you must:

  1. Give the title of your car.
  2. Bring your ID.
  3. Receive approval; the procedure only takes 30 minutes.
  4. Unlike a standard loan, you can keep using your car while making payments.

What are the main requirements?

A borrower must often be the outright owner of the vehicle in order to qualify for a car title loan online. There cannot be any liens on the title. Additionally, lenders require certain papers, such as some or all of the following:

  1. Original title for the vehicle indicating sole ownership
  2. Utility bills or other documents that match the name on the title and are issued by a government agency
  3. Evidence of auto insurance
  4. Paystubs most recent or other evidence of ability to pay back the loan
  5. Two or more valid references’ names, numbers, and addresses
  6. Working duplicates of the car’s keys

Washington Car Title Loan Laws, Rates and Terms

Loan Rates and Fees, Laws and Regulations in Title Loans. Consumer loan act imposes some restrictions on Title Loans in Washington. But one can legally apply for $1000 - $5000 Installment and $5000 - 35,000 Personal loans. According to Md. Code Com. Law § 12-101 et seq.1 and Senate Joint Resolution 7 of 20022 the APR on Payday cash advance mustn’t exceed 2.75% per month; 33% per year.

Legal Status The status of the loan as regulated by the state - legal, restricted, or prohibited Illegal
Regulator State official document, act, or statute that regulates title loan lending Was. Stat. Leg. 31.45.010 et seq. (spec. 31.45.073 all para's)
Maximum Loan Amount The maximum amount that you can borrow with a loan $1000.00
Max APR Maximum interest charged for borrowing that shows the yearly cost of the loan as percentage 252.00%
Collateral The need to provide any kind of collateral to apply for a loan None, unsecured
Repayment Term The term for which the loan is issued up to 31 days
Terms The term for which the loan is issued Max loan term: 31.00 day(s)
Repayment term: up to 31 days
Turnaround Time The time it takes for the loan to reach your account 1 business day

Car Title Loans Near Me in Washington

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does obtaining a title loan damage your credit?

Your credit scores won't often be impacted by a title loan. Both positive and negative effects may result from that. To begin with, when you apply, the majority of title lenders don't verify your credit. A hard inquiry, often known as the check, normally lowers your credit score by five points or fewer.

I don't have a bank account. Can I still acquire a loan?

Yes! Even if you don't have a bank account, it is actually fairly simple to obtain a loan. This would be a more unusual type of loan, which isn't very prevalent these days. Please contact title loan lender and consult a lender’s representative for further information so that you are informed of your alternatives and how this loan will be handled.

Do I need a job to qualify for a title loan?

Yes. Income is necessary, but it can come from many other sources, including employment, a pension, or social security. You would have to present documentation such as pay stubs, checks, statements, mail, etc.

A lien-free car title: what is it?

Simply put, a lien-free automobile title indicates that you own the vehicle outright, without having any unpaid debts. You must possess a (lien-free) automobile title in order to get cash from a lender with your vehicle and title. Without it, you wouldn't be able to exchange your car title for money, which would prevent you from getting a title loan.

What if I'm retired or on disability? Can I still get a title loan approved?

Whatever your circumstance—disabled, retired, having health issues—most lenders want to help you in any way they can. They can work with you to obtain you the loan you need and the right loan as long as you can demonstrate some form of proof of income, which in this situation would be a pension or social security income.

Can I get a title loan with bad credit?

When evaluating your application, the majority of auto title lenders give minimal weight to your credit score. This is due to the fact, that they offer secured auto loans that use your car as collateral.

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