How It Works

Funded Justice is a crowdfunding platform that is a straightforward, easy way to quickly raise money specifically targeted for people who need to raise money for legal fees or to solve a Social Justice issue.

Funded Justice employs a user based platform that allows for any type of legal action. From family issues to criminal issues; community needs to medical malpractice; all of these legal issues can be addressed in a crowdfunding platform on Funded Justice.

Raise Money For Social Issues

Are you looking to raise money to fight a major social problem? Maybe your group or organization needs to raise money to fight city hall or even the federal government – we can help AND we are very experienced with these types of cases. We’ve successfully raised millions of dollars for these types of cases.

Funded Justice has made this process extremely user-friendly. The steps are simple and easy to follow. First, the user simply creates an account and is given the opportunity to upload a picture and write about their situation. Once their situation has been described, the campaign goes to Funded Justice for review and approval. Typically, within 24 hours, the campaign is approved; at which time the user would then launch the campaign. At this point, many processes go into motion.  The user is encouraged to share their own story via various social media outlets. Funded Justice also begins to share the campaign through their own network to further the reach of the story.

Once a campaign has ended, the campaign owner receives the funds that were collected. This entire process streamlines the funding process any person goes through. All contacts are in one central location, reading the same story, and donating what they can to help.

Funded Justice was created to level the scales of justice and to help people raise the funds they need to right social injustices.